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Domain name is a unique name reserved on the internet for your business. Organizations need to choose a domain name that corresponds to their name, which will help Internet users to reach them easily



  1. The right domain name will help you to effectively manage your online visibility.
  2. The right domain will make it easier for people to remember you and your website.
  3. The right domain name can help you advertise and market your business online more effectively and help you proactively manage your online reputation.
  4. The right domain name, with keywords in it that are more appropriate to the products and services you sell, will leave a larger impact on potential and existing customers.
  5. The right domain name can give you competitive advantage in an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace.


Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain (TLD) it belongs to.
Given below is a list of few common extensions.
.gov – Government agencies

.edu – Educational institutions

.org – Organizations (non-profit)

.mil – Military

.com – commercial business

.net – Network organizations

.ca – Canada

.th – Thailand
<Example> if you are going to register a domain name for educational purposes then you may choose .edu extension.

In addition to the traditional TLDs, ICANN has introduced over 810 new TLDs like .technology, .support, .camera, etc., Choosing a relevant TLD is of utmost importance for a business’ online presence


Make your online presence known with the simple and efficient web hosting services we offer. Select a web hosting plan from the wide range of plans we offer, for we understand not all businesses or persons require similar type of web hosting services.


Shared Hosting

Bearing cost effective hosting in mind for small E-commerce sites, or personal websites, we provide a Shared Hosting solution, where several webmasters share space on a single server. This type of website hosting service is most suitable for entry level websites that do not need high performance features and can fulfil their needs without having to shell out large amounts of money.

Dedicated /Virtual Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated or virtual dedicated server offers your business website a more powerful hosting infrastructure. This type of website hosting service is most suitable for websites that attract higher traffic and cannot afford any downtime.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is done through multiple servers inter connected with each other.

The multiple servers acting as a single system has multiple advantages:

  • Load balancing,
  • No single point of failure
  • Higher security
  • Facility to increase or decrease server resources.

In addition to the traditional hosting services, we also offer:

SSL certification– Now is the most important time to secure your data and protect your connections. With the increase in cyber-attacks, companies face data-loss issues that is proving to be a major hurdle, in order to overcome this key issue, we issue a SSL certificate which is a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data − a public key known to everyone and a private key known only to the recipient of the message.

Private Registration– This is a service we offer to replace the user’s information in the WHOIS with the information of a forwarding service (for email and sometimes postal mail, done by a proxy server), to users who opt to buy privacy from us.

SiteLock Website Security – This is a service we offer to keep your website secure from cyber-attacks. With the web technologies being open source, your websites are prone to attacks by hackers to inject malware and to steal your site visitor data. With Sitelock, we run regular website scans to make sure the site is bullet-proof.


We have delivered outstanding performance, customer service and reliability to tens of thousands of customers. We focus on providing the best Web Hosting solution by making it Simple, reliable and efficient, three core concepts we deeply believe in.

We are committed to make a difference in the market by providing the following QoS:

  • Setup made Easy-Our services are very easy to use, we also offer intuitive and easy to follow steps.
  • Reliable Services– We provide a reliable web hosting platform In order for your online presence to not have any downtime.
  • Ease of Access Access e-mail via your preferred email software, or use our webmail facility to access your e-mail from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.
  • Secure Services– Your satisfaction and security is of utmost importance to us, hence we provide a secure Web Hosting Service.

Award Winning Customer Support – Our award winning customer support is active 24/7 and committed to resolving your technical issues with high priority.

Creative Specialists offers various plans for Domain & Hosting
1 website
100 GB Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
100 Email Accounts
10 MySQL Database
( 1 GB ea. )
SEO/Google Web Promotion reports BiWeekly
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Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
500 Email Accounts
25 MySQL Database
( 1 GB ea. )
SEO/Google Web Promotion reports BiWeekly
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Unlimited Websites & Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
1000 Email Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases ( 1 GB ea. )
2X processing Power & Memory (avaliabe for Linux/cPanel only)
FREE Premium DNS, SSL Certificate with Fixed IP address
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