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Online Business Kit: Get Your own Company Website + Online Store to sell your products + Free Consulting Service

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Businesses need quick and effective solutions to start, to develop and to thrive.

Creative Specialists Corporation is a team of professionals who specialise in the international corporate services industry, with experience spanning more than 15 years and with expert global licensed agents.

We are the number one corporate service provider, offering complete business solution:

  • a tax effective business structure,
  • smart conversion of your business into an online moneymaking vehicle
  • excellent asset protection options

Our services include administration of companies and accounting service, tax registration and payroll arrangements internationally, banking solutions and online trade systems, tailored service arrangements to ensure efficient business and the safety and growth of your wealth.  Our IT team’s professional approach monetizes your web presence and maximizes your audience by utilising advanced advertising tools.

We establish companies and corporate structures with professional administering




We provide tax effective solution for online business, international trade or asset protection, or any bespoke option you and your business may need

  • you get an online vehicle for effective selling and for your clients to buy conveniently with a choice of any payment gateway :

Our team of IT specialists will make your online presence distinctly profitable and unique

We will help to register your business hallmark both nationally and internationally

You get protection by utilising proper legal structures, or choosing residency or citizenship option to enjoy financial and personal liberty

Choose from our wide range of services or get the package !

One-Stop Service For Your Business

Get Online Business Kit:

Your own company + Your own Online Portal to sell your product

We offer companies worldwide with a tax effective structure for your online and offline Business. For trading online we offer a quick and flexible solution: a payment system of simple integration, which gives your customers the most convenient and the fastest way of instant payments. You will be able to accept payments by any type of Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards, Cash Payments, Bank Transfers, e-wallets.

Get your Online business ready to go: your company and online shop.

Please, Contact us to get free advise on the right jurisdiction for your business.
Or choose from the list of countries:

United Kingdom  ,Gibraltar, Malta, BVI, Belize, Cyprus and more.

To start online sales for a new or existing business, please contact us to get Your Online Store solution. If you trade in Europe an automated system of VAT charging is integrated for your convenient and fast sales.

We are here to help you to start and to boost your business.




Individuals and corporations can be motivated to use offshore companies and offshore planning to gain a range of benefits, including:

Tax reduction, including customs and duty exemptions, and in some cases zero taxation

Asset protection, through tested legal systems, the sanctity of contracts and political stability

Improved risk management, such as greater security of property rights and access to foreign insurance and reinsurance.

Increased or maintained rights to privacy, in banking and elsewhere

Fewer restrictions, less bureaucracy and fairer treatment

Reducing costs, through access to low cost areas, or free remittance of profits and capital, reducing overall costs

Asset enhancement, higher yields and returns and improved exchange convertibility

Foreign investment inducements

The availability of sophisticated banking facilities and offshore experts

Offshore companies are principally used for:



Investment holding

Professional consultancy and services

Patent, copyright and royalty holding

Personal and corporate tax planning

Ship management and yacht ownership




Nearly all countries offer tax regulations that encourage inward investment from international companies and individuals, through different combinations of tax planning regulations and other related opportunities making it advantageous for tax purposes.

These measures include:

Establishing holding, international headquarter treasury and finance operations

Double tax treaty planning in relation to dividends, interest and royalty payment

Personal and family wealth management and tax planning

Specialist business, such as leasing

International tax advisers promote low tax regimes found in high tax countries seeking to attract international business which can improve the overall tax efficiency of the clients.

The success of such structures depends heavily on a number of aspects relating to the existence of double tax avoidance provisions, anti-avoidance provisions, controlled foreign company and management and control tests and provisions, thin capitalization, transfer pricing, capital gains tax, participation exemptions, and a multitude of ever-evolving tax regulations.

In recent years, tax collectors have become more heavily armed with international exchange of information treaties and provisions.

Right now the offshore world is shaped most by the careful implementation of tax advantageous structures domiciled in diverse high tax onshore countries, including the UK, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Singapore.

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Register your business in the form of Limited Liability Partnership in the United Kingdom.

This jurisdiction of an excellent reputation plus benefits of offshore status of corporate Partners give an effective solution for your business. This is easy to operate structure with a Partnership Agreement which we provide in the package of documents together with two (or more if required) ready-made companies, acting as partners and registered in the jurisdictions specifically chosen with due account for a "pass-through" taxation of Partnership.

We will advise on a relevant Payment System to be used for your online store and provide service on opening of an account for your company with a reputable bank to complete a structure ready to be used for online business or ordinary operations in international trade.